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My Role and Activities

  • Concept Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Branding

I consulted the Optimity team at the early stages of their business venture on user experience and interface design for a new mobile app.

Optimity is a corporate wellness platform to engage employees to proactively take charge of their health and wellbeing. From reducing health spending to retaining talent — employers are now realising the benefits of investing in their workforce wellbeing. The challenge is creating effective programs with widespread adoption. Optimity takes a holistic approach to wellness — building out an ecosystem of tools to help shift workplace cultures.

A diagram I created to illustrate the app information architecture and where future functionality would fit.


In the first couple of months of the business venture, I worked with Optimity’s founder to explore employee health problems and motivators, and to conceptualise mobile app solutions. I produced various user-flows, prototypes, and visual treatments. These concepts were validated against initial beta users and market demand. This process identified several themes which were then incorporated into the design:

Social pressures for good

Having a work environment that promotes open engagement and participation in health-related activities is critical to the adoption of a wellness program. It's important to socialise health consciousness in the workplace and establish it as part of the company culture.

Sticky and secure

Careful use of gamification will help incentivize continued participation. While extrinsic rewards (usually financial) help short-term participation, intrinsic rewards (such social bonding, competition, and personal fulfilment) create long-term habits. Digital platforms can make gamification easier as long as individual's feel in control with how their data is shared.

Emails and stretches

A wellness program not only needs to be personalised to an individual's health conditions and goals but also contextualised to their day to day work activities. Creating schedule opportunities and smart reminders helps meet users where they are.

Concept Designs

Healthy habits scheduled within the workday

This timeline view explores micro-activities scheduled at available slots — such as right before a meeting to energize participants.

Making wellbeing part of the company culture

Employees with the same health goals have activities scheduled at the same time to provide peer support.

Social bonding and competition

The leaderboard is designed to create a virtual environment where healthy activities at work are part of the norm and participation is encouraged through friendly competition.

Personal accomplishment

Not relying solely on financial incentives, the app gamifies intrinsic rewards through streaks and accomplishments — while employees work towards personal health goals.


The concept designs I produced were used to validate the business idea and help secure company financing. Key concepts were taken into the final product.